by OsKillah



Cinema rinky dinky dinky
Cinema drink a brew
Two in the pink
Two in the stink
That’s how we do

Tell me to grow some balls
I’ve got a few
Hoppin’, hoppin’, hoppin’ around
Bunny froo froo

I could call you a doll
More like a voodoo
A friendly killer who squirts
Refer to you as Shamu

“Great Odin’s raven” (thanks Ron Burgundy)
Channel 4 news crew
Drop a poo when over the cuckoo’s nest you flew

meas 10 – count in

Climbing the ladder meas 11
But that wall looks scalable
It’s weird to pee in toilets when urinals are available

I drink and drink
I drink so long
Until the motor of the drinking fountain turns on

Wanna fight? --- Beat in - meas 15
Do it my way
Stick your head up my butt and fight for air
Gaseous Clay

Step into a club
Crop dust the dance floor
Everyone’s all sweaty
What do we have to wear pants for?

You gotta meas 19
spatula my flatulence I see
Dracula standing at your fence

And he’s leaning on it,
Broke it? He nearly did
Craves a bloody faucet like Farah on her period (too soon?)

Rub my belly, I’ll pretend to be the Buddhist meas 23
Accomplishing nothing like when you mug a nudist

You’re the rudest
You have so much nerve
Drill a peephole in your shower
I’m a perv.

Mirror, mirror on the wall ------ meas 27
Mirror under the bathroom stall
Over 18? Give me a call
You aren’t trying hard if you don’t fall

See you down in the middle of the run
Don’t wanna be ya
You eat so much crap
That you puke up diarrhea

I like to see fat people sweat
Cuz it means they’re losing weight
I’m a chubby chaser in that respect
No need to hate

Car stereo bumping Fur Elise
Don’t pick up hitchhikers if obese
Let’s watch a bad sequel to a musical, Grease 2, peace!

You complain about the girl to guy ratio------- meas 35
Princess Leia is my 2nd favorite spacey ho
Babes are all around, & you don’t even know
Lately, I crave some great blatant fellatio

Meas 39 set up

the world is a
Babeathon, Babeathon! Meas 41

Barely flattering, when you’re chattering
Battery for the Smattering of Shatterhorn
Skinny itty bitty, maybe bigger better best?
Love handle BBW fatter porn

Smooth as butter, hard as a woody
A few Wet Woodys down and dinner is over
Paying the bill, no expectations - Oh goody
I simulate whiskey dick, when I’m sober

To the left, to the left, my weiner curves a bit a to left meas 51

I love the smell of mail meas 53
But not the gender
If that was the case
Might put my wiener in a blender

Or butt, why?
Don’t say that
My libido is the opposite of a
Spayed cat

Cover songs, rubber dongs
Your boyfriend’s favorite color is pink
Bring bongs & sing songs while King Kong ping pongs!
In front of a crowd, it’s not okay to lip-sync

Don’t wear makeup. Meas 61
You look like a raccoon.
I don’t always
Have to be the big spoon.
When can we swap spit?
Hopefully soon
I’d like you to meet my friend Barry
Barry Dinpoon

Leave from a bar with so many phone numbers
Of dudes, guess I could use some more friends
And girls with boyfriends almost count as dudes anyway
What does an old lady taste like? Depends!

Step into a club
Feeling real manly
When I see a girl
Change to st-st-st-stuttering Stanley

Here comes the storm
Away Mother Nature blows it
It’s never good when
She’s sexy and she knows it

Dance beat meas 73

Where are my designated drivers?
I wanna see your double ds
Show me your double ds!

I’ve got the rap game in a chokehold meas 77
Maybe I’m out of place
But its hands are free, swinging
Punching me in the face!

Raisin bran in the morning
At least 3 bowls
I like my women like my golf
With 18 holes

Count them up
Possibilities, I take a hint
Give me a new shirt &
I’ll show you bellybutton lint

Eat your coffee,
Drink your carrots
Have a pet chicken,
Scramble eggs laid by parrots.

Impressed yet?
Let’s take a ride in a Toyota,
Make you talk in a weird order
Akin to young boy Yoda

You have DSLs
Just wear a swimsuit
I’m hoping that you’re
Accomplished at the skin flute

Chorus X2

Niggas on the premises
They be my nemesis
Gonna be vomiting
Like emesis
Get tackled like Emmitt Smith
Let me hit on the side
No relationship
Friends with benefits


released May 3, 2012
"Great Odin's raven!" - Ron Burgundy



all rights reserved


OsKillah South Lake Tahoe, California

Chillin' with no fillin' while I be grillin'.

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