Just The Tip

by OsKillah



My 10th song ever!


Don’t call me ozzy
My last name isn’t Osbourne
I'm not the one
you will catch about to pause porn

I’m not British either
I’m half Portuguese
Not gonna snort ants
Buzzin’, maybe snort some bees

Cs get degrees
Did you finish proudly?
I heard this co-ed graduated magna cum laudly (have these last 3 words acapella?)

“oh I got my degree, yes!”

Restart: meas 18
What up my home slices?
You're all my home loaf
See two sexy twins &
Obviously I wanna bone both

while eating cupcakes
sometimes I think of those twins
Get them both naked
And we could commit some sins

Look in the taboo section
or craigslist missed connections
I might get one of my
famously dissed erections

When that happens
She wails some sickly shrieks
can't control my bladder
call it dickileaks

cuz she's Bursting out her capillaries
aint that the berries
distress with the worry about who she marries

I'm sure it's kind of scary
But don't get it twisted
I like my loads like my soccer goals
Chorus: meas 31
Just the tip
Just the tip
Putting in just the tip
Just the tip
What is hip?

I don’t need T-Pain to get famous
Although that would be great
You can call me P-Pain
Cuz it burns when I urinate

(Going down under) meas 37
Crocodile done deal
Smith and Wesson
At the delicatessen
Let me cop a feel

Eyes peeled
But I don’t wanna feel a cop
Unless you’re the deputy
Slipping off your top

Spilled milk on the floor
it just evaporated
if you like to litter
I hope your family gets decapitated

Too harsh?
Change your ways to be illest
use lipstick
to cross you off my people-to-kill list

When you recycle 45
use correct receptacles
got my wallet & watch
where are my spectacles & testicles?

Without them I straight up
can't see it cumming!
When you get a hummer
there should be actual humming


I went to jupiter meas 50
she went to college
I got stupider
so I plug myself in to gain knowledge

I think it's working!
And best of all this data transfer stops me jerking

the tutor in her uterus - meas 54
uses a computer plus
when I pulled out
I knew how to hit a booter

no money for food or bus
cannot be a looter trust
me I walked home hungrily but never cuter

make a sando with a cheddar brick
no more book smarts
of course she was a shredder chick

Chorus 61

if you're low on cash
pay just the tip

Bridge melody meas 65

beat in on 74

I put the hung in hungry
The man in mandatory
the piss in Episcopal
and the hunk in Hunky Dory

Don't wanna add a stat to statutory
She said she was 18!
and I'm sticking to my story

Some carrot cake?
I never leave a crumb
yum, pulled it out
and had a plumb on my thumb
Have a bunch of rum
if I wanna get dumb
I ate a whole pineapple
Want to taste my...

upside down cake 82
with the fitted pan
catch the home run
if you are a mitted fan

Got a horny attitude
but rarely act on it
if you hear a tall tale
you should check the facts on it

Bill Paxon's tit


End (with bridge beat?):
Just the tip, just the tip
Puttin' in, puttin' in
Just the tip

if you're low on cash
pay just the tip


released June 11, 2014



all rights reserved


OsKillah South Lake Tahoe, California

Chillin' with no fillin' while I be grillin'.

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