Lingle Sadies

by OsKillah



I kill moods not dudes
from the floor
is where I eat my foods

That’s the name no joke
My beats are cheezay
And my rhymes are broke

But im a bloke start
Not known to toke (HA)
Ill make ya choke like youre
Swallowing raw egg yolks

Aint nothing legit
And when I spit
I feel fit to make a sweater
Like Gee, you knit?

I bounce my ideas off
3 of my friends
Me, myself, and
Miss Michigan

She always agrees
And im like bitch please
Shes the real deal and
Never, ever a tease 16

Theres nothing fake about her
Unlike milli vanilli
But if I don’t respond
She beats me silly!

I brew some hot tea
To blow off some steam
Didn’t jerk it for a month
And I had a wet dream! 24

That’s enough about
My privates’ life
Looking for a sexy mama
Not looking for a wife

No… no….


Chorus:? Measure 25
Single ladies throw ya hands in the air
Then shave off all of your hair,
It will be easier to see, it will be easier for me
Im sorry if youre undergoing chemotherapy

Girls with boys throw ya hands in the air
Actually don’t (stop music on “don’t”), cuz I don’t care
I’m only kidding, let’s make amends
And then you can hook me up with one of your friends

Short drum fill (1 measure)

I want a girl with Badonkadonk…… personality measure 34
A girl that has some class, a girl with some wit, and takes some lemon with iced tea

Many possibilities measure 38
With womanly folk
Girls that love my shaggy hair
& will only do me for coke

If I had ever seen coke
That might be true
But my knowledge of drugs goes
as far as blues clues

my knowledge of shred-ding
is a little larger
learned it from experience
not from my fajer 16

if you know resorts
listen with attention
a play on words of sorts
attempt comprehension

I wanna rapper girl
I wanna rapper chick
I wanna rappa hoe
Basin my choice on this 24

I feel comfortable in tiny spaces
I like seeing hotties make ugly faces (echo the whole line)

chorus 52

dance break

look around 70
a sea of ashleys and katies
I just want to know
where are the lingle sadies? X2

look, I know you got your eyes on a man 74
But you need a contingency plan

And That’s me, your search is over
Ill be your puppet, you can call me grover

I never know what’s going on
Oh look I see a blonde by the pond on the lawn

And my name’s OsKillah, not shawn
I wear Swany and I’m Giovanni like Don


released April 15, 2010



all rights reserved


OsKillah South Lake Tahoe, California

Chillin' with no fillin' while I be grillin'.

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