Fruit of the Loom

by OsKillah



Eat healthier.


Call me on the phone and I’ll pretend to enjoy it, 155 bpm on reason
G.I. Joe hacks a loogie, then you’ve got some toy spit

Dial up my number, I’ll probably humor you
Roll my eyes while you yack and spread a few rumors too.

Lets get together,
Maybe meet up for some fondue,
It’s been awhile, this rendezvous
Is beyond due

Gimme a clue,
See some glee?
Is that a banana in your pocket?
Or are you just happy to see me?

(Tempo change) 105 bpm

A1 main beat
A2 give me a clue
A3 hook it up, make it work
A4 before above
B1 chorus

I drive with my brights on
during the day
Every other drivers thinking
Man this guys gay

But I got no hate for all my homo bros
I just don’t like dudes, im more into hos anna,


Im not just happy to see you
Heres a real banana
Fruits and veggies, do a body good
But you also need that dairy
Whip cream undies, there she stood
zucchini bikini, nutritious? Very.

Righteous raisins have moral fiber meas 11
Get on the internet, let’s cyber
(fast) Letter c equal sign number 3 Don’t stop C==3
Give me props like carrot top
imitate a rutabaga meas 15
stay true to your roots
if they feel spacious
wear moon boots

keep your hedges trim,
I appreciate shrubbery,
Calamari, yummy
But a tad rubbery

As you walk up, I appreciate the view
Not just my attention grew

Give me a clue what you want to do and we can go from there!

Chorus X4 meas 25

This tale has been in 1st person meas. 33
Nursing words like Gaylord fokker
But I must say, Like a granny on the floor
She was off her rocker!

A word was on my mind
I was feeling her wrath like a grape
Funny, That’s spelled just like escape!
Wrapped up the visit meas 41
With the sound that the roadrunner makes (meep meep)

Came to a stop sign with her on my tail
cuz These are the brakes!

I prefer not to utilize meas 45
Go go gadget, jump my car over traffic
Get in touch with computer guys
Cuz they can
Hook it up, make it work meas 48
Get in deep where circuits lurk
Double check, make it right
While keeping their suspenders tight

I asked how they got so smart, they just laughed
Wikipedia and years of world of warcraft

Now that you know where I want to go, meas 52
You can stay right there

Chorus X4 meas 56

Triplet breakdown meas 64

She follows me to my mailbox
See’s my driveway of shale rocks
Furry and worried, like a pale fox
What am I to do?

Cant tell if
Intentions are sweet does she beat 2 of 74
Want to kiss my feet or
Chop off my toes one by one?

Maybe she’s nicer and
Not just a slicer
Should I call a cop
Put this to a stop
At the end of the dance beat 2 of 80
I’ll need an ambulance
But then I remember some fruit in my pants….

With a quick change of my attitude meas 85
I was appalled at myself for being so rude
Optimistic, thinking sharp
Carpe the diem, seize the carp

I could serenade, sing her a ballad
Every girl likes a little fruit salad
Made a couple moves in my favor meas 91
Just enough to change her bad behavior

Now we’re playful & fierce
Charging round the room
Like wily pirates

Put on my favorite mood music
By miley cyrus


released May 29, 2011



all rights reserved


OsKillah South Lake Tahoe, California

Chillin' with no fillin' while I be grillin'.

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