Nice & Weird

by OsKillah



Keep it nice like air
Keep it weird like sleep
Keep it nice like chairs
Keep it weird like your mom’s face

Nah, never hate on mothers
All in the family, not the sister
That’s Sally Struthers

Teenage angst,
Moving backwards in age
You look 42
Well thanks

I pop pimples while
Exploring plosive syllables
Peter Pan Neverland bottle
It’s refillable

2nd star to the right and meas 19
straight on til the a.m.
never grow up, late night searching skinemax
Monica Mayhem

like in the 7th grade
when I learned to count
past and present
I get laid the same exact amount

So what? I eat crap like you for breakfast
Yeah, that’s right, I eat crap for breakfast

You think you’re cool
Chowing down on fancy raisin bran
Captain Crunch with dingle berries
It’s amazin’ man!

But I love frosted shredded wheat, well
then I took long hike and got
Exhausted dreaded feet smell

Eat like it’s a joke
I ingest in jest
Most nutritious kind of milk:
lady breast

Meas 43

Chorus: meas 45
Nice and weird
Nice and weird
Nice… and… weird

I wonder if crazy Asians ever form math cults meas 55
Sneak in my ma’s Jacuzzi tub & abuse her bath salts
Wear spandex if you ride a Bianchi
I’ll eat your face & liver w/ some fava beans (meas 62) & some chianti
Sssssss meas 63
Put that gun away, hide!
Let’s watch a sick movie like Runaway Bride

I don’t shoot my weapon off
Very often
Hot babe on my jock
Normally my willy softens
Yes, I’ll admit that sometimes I go flaccid
But only when I’m on acid in Lake Placid

Let me check,
Nope, I’ve never visited
I did not make the road slick
But a blizzard did

Some might say
These are kind of lame rhymes
But I declare they are rad at the same time

People see me rap and
Assume that I freestyle
After a sexy night
I have a tendency to pee wild

My pee comes out in two streams
I don’t quite know what that means!

Chorus meas 91
You might think I’m
Mentally ill Meas 101- new melody
But I’m generally chill
Reptar’s coming!
I’ll grab my homies, Phil and Lil

TV in the evening
watching Dragnet
Baby, I don’t want a slice
Give me the whole baguette

Reciting random recipes
The best thing for you is to
Get a vasectomy

And in the 5th grade
I was in the spelling bee
I know my words
I can’t stand you correcting me
---- meas 117

Captain hook’s first mate
Might shave a seagull’s booty
Clean by mistake

Practice makes perfect, baby
I won’t stutter
I’ll use duck butter
to lube a Dutch rudder

little break meas 125

You’re the apple of my eye fast chorus beat - meas 129
Or the cumquat of my ding dong
Broke my arm shreddin’
And I always wore the sling wrong
Bee stung my tongue
Still swollen but the sting’s gone
Multicolored chess set
I spy a pink pawn

You sag your pants low
I always hock ‘em higher
Gotta move these refrigerators
My Straits are dire

It’s weird
And that’s how I like it
Let me hold your newborn child
And I just might have to spike it
Like I just scored a touchdown

(I love kids)

Niiiiiiiceee…… and weird
Nice and weird, nice and weird (sportscenter)


released August 29, 2013



all rights reserved


OsKillah South Lake Tahoe, California

Chillin' with no fillin' while I be grillin'.

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